these two colors will only make you look darker

Blacker, you can’t wear sky blue, bright yellow, orange, and these two colors will only make you look darker. Suggestion: If you are sporty, all kinds of white t-shirts can be used, and then paired Christmas costumes with jeans is very stylish. If the scholarship class, it is recommended Animal costumes use shirts as the main color. In addition to white Underbust Corsets color, you can also try some light blue cop costumes light pink, and the basic principle Vampire Costumes striped clothing. Generally speaking, the color of the top Pirate Costumes deep, and the color of the bottom is not desirableSteel Boned Corsets This will give a top-heavy feeling. If the top is in a plaid or striped pattern, then the skirt Overbust Corsets preferably not of the same type, but a single color. On the Waist Cincher Corsets other hand, if the skirt is a flower, then the top should be fitted with a plain shirt. Do not wear Catwoman Costumes dark colors, it will only make people feel more ugly. I suggest you can wear light purple, jujube red, light blue, beige, black stitching some orange T can be, absolutely can not wear the color, big red brown green dark blue

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